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Shoo Shoo Balm

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Do you hate mosquitoes? I do. Along with ticks, black flies, deer flies, and horse flies! So, I did a LOT of research on which essential oils are disliked by bugs. Here's Shoo Shoo balm. As in "Shoo Shoo darn skeeters!" I can't tell you my secret blend, but there's no DEET and no Citronella. The new half ounce size is great to toss in your bag or back pocket, all ready to apply behind your ears, back of your neck, back of your knees, or around your ankles. The big two ounce will last a good while and perfect for camping or sporting events. It's a great solid lotion base so it won't come right off if you're wet or sweaty. As with any natural repellent, apply more as necessary because if the bugs can't smell it, it won't do any good.

Shoo Shoo has successfully kept bugs off people big and small from Maine to Oregon, Texas to Ontario! It's even been used in AUSTRALIA! It's safe for people, dogs, and horses.

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