Hippo Balm - warming balm

Hippo Balm - warming balm

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What the heck is Hippo Balm, you say? Well, It's my take on a warming balm. From a fan: "Hippos are way more fierce than Tigers!" It's mild in heat, so you won't be screaming, but I think it works great. It has some really wonderful ingredients like coconut & palm kernal oil infused with capsicum (think chili pepper) for a bit of warmth - and the awesome orange color! Emu oil, which is renowned for it's healing properties like reducing inflammation. Evening Primrose oil is wonderful for dry or irritated skin and contains a high concentration of a fatty acid called GLA. GLA is though to be helpful in reducing joint pain and swelling. There is also a great combination of essential oils like ginger and black pepper that create a pleasant, warm scent.

I used this on my own sore shoulder and it felt great! Try out Hippo Balm for hands that need warming, or that elbow that over did it raking leaves. My mom loves it on her arthritic hands, too! Obviously, see a medical professional for any serious issues.

Currently offered in TWO sizes, 0.35 oz oval twist and large 2.0 oz twist up.
0.35 oz $10
2.0 oz $20

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