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Verdite Mala with Chrysoprase and Rose Quartz


I adore this Mala. Seriously, it's so pretty. The green variations make you want to look closely at each bead. This is a 6mm Mala with 110 beads. Yup, I miscounted and so there are 2 extra. I thought about trying to remove them, then decided you just get a little extra goodness in every round. Green stones are wonderful for the heart chakra and also bringers of abundance and prosperity. Who couldn't use a little extra of THAT energy?

Verdite is also called African Jade, but it's really not a jade. It's a garnet. It's wonderful for balancing energies. It is said to help you be in more control of your life.

The middle marker is green Chrysoprase. It's a wonderful heart chakra stone which promotes joy and happiness.It is said to attract new love and abundance and prosperity.

The big, glorious, pink guru bead on this mala is Rose Quartz. This is known as the love stone, having a strong vibration of unconditional love, joy, warmth and healing. Quartz crystals are also amplifiers of energy, so it will boost the energy of the other stones as well.

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