Rainforest Jasper with Ocean Jasper Full Mala

Rainforest Jasper with Ocean Jasper Full Mala


Rainforest Jasper - a Rhyolite, is volcanic. It forms slower than say, Obsidian (a volcanic glass), and allows other minerals to form in it, leaving beautiful colors. The forms, shapes, and colors - even visible in bead form - are amazing and hypnotic. This is my husband’s favorite stone. This stone can help you feel more connected to the Earth, nature in all its forms. There are vibrations of joy, happiness, and change here as well.

Also known as Green Rhyolite, it resonates with the Heart Chakra as well as the Solar Plexus Chakra.

The guru stone here is Ocean Jasper. That is also a stone of Joy.

This mala might be for you if you want to feel more grounded, connected to Gaia, seeking joy in the natural world.

There are 108, 8mm Rainforest Jasper beads, hand knotted on green silk, with a larger round Ocean Jasper guru bead.

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