Cape Amethyst with Charoite - live in the now

Cape Amethyst with Charoite - live in the now


This is a 6mm mala of light purple Cape Amethyst with swirly purple Charoite middle marker and guru bead. Cape Amethyst, like the more traditional darker stone, is a high vibrational stone - wonderful for spiritual or intuitive work. Amethyst is a Third Eye and Crown Chakra stone. The lighter color comes from a higher amount of clear quartz. Amethyst is a wonderfully healing stone.

Charoite is a stone of acceptance and insight, helping one to focus on living in the "now". Charoite is also thought to be soothing to the nerves and calming for those with ADHD as well as ASD. It is a Heart Chakra and Crown Chakra stone, connecting the two with spiritual energy and unconditional love. Charoite is found only in one location in the world - near the Chara River in Siberia.

This is hand knotted by me, on light and dark purple silk.

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