BE STILL Sacred Space Spray

BE STILL Sacred Space Spray


Where we work, play, and live is a Sacred Space. Sometimes the energy in that space can feel stagnant, low, or just out of whack. Burning something like White Sage or incense can be a wonderful way to change the energy and vibe in your space, but sometimes burning even candles isn’t appropriate or allowed. I’ve created Sacred Space Sprays as a combination of Hydrosol and Essential Oils using an emulsifier to blend them, along with a paraben free preservative. Hydrosol is the aqueous product of distillation (often a by product of creating essential oils) and carry the hydrophilic properties (water-soluble components) of the plant in solution as well as microscopic droplets of essential oils in suspension. They carry the essence of the plant and often a similar, perhaps lighter scent than the corresponding essential oil.

Be Still began as a scent blend for my specialty balm twist tubes. I wanted something that was calming and would help folks relax, but didn’t have Lavender. I love Lavender, but sometimes people want another option. Clary Sage is wonderful for calm and also reducing feelings of anxiety. I’ve blended it with Roman Chamomile, which is often familiar to people as an ingredient used in calming herbal tea blends. You may recall Peter Rabbit’s mother making him Chamomile Tea at bedtime?

The Be Still Sacred Space Spray would be wonderful to use before beginning an evening yoga routine, sprayed on pillows at bedtime, or on a neck pillow while traveling.

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