WHITE SAGE Sacred Self Balm with Smoky Quartz

WHITE SAGE Sacred Self Balm with Smoky Quartz


Meditation can be influenced by all our senses. Sometimes scent may help us stay quiet in our mind, and sometimes it might make meditation harder. My intention with Sacred Self balms is to help you release distraction and find it easier to settle into that meditative space. Each balm has a base of beeswax, coconut oil, and jojoba oil. I then blend the essential oils into it and pour over a crystal chip in the slide tin. The crystal can boost and aid the intention created by the oils. I’ve packaged them in durable little slide tins so they are easy to use and take along. We are all sacred beings, and deserve to be treated as such.

White Sage has sacred origins with Native Americans and also the ancient Celts. The latin term for it, Salvia, means to heal. This essential oil is Salvia Apiana, the same plant that is used to burn for energy and space clearing. If you’re not able to burn White Sage, this is an alternative to create an energetic clearing and lightness of your body - physical and energetic. If you’ve not smelled White Sage before, it’s quite unique and has a tang to it. I have added Smoky Quartz to this blend for its grounding energy as well as its ability to transmute negative energy to positive.

Before applying the White Sage Sacred Self Balm, think about your intention. What are you wanting to clear or change in your energetic space? Repeat that intention as you apply the balm. Inhale that energy into your heart space. If you’re doing a seated meditation or yoga practice in a small space, you can even simply place the open slide tin near you if you prefer. A great way to invoke the 5 elements would be to set your intention and ask that you be supported by Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Spirit. Then add a dab behind your neck/base of skull, on each wrist, and then behind each knee.

If you have crystals (check for the appropriateness & hardness of the stone) or magickal tools you wish to anoint and clear, this would also work well. If you’re working with sigils, you could trace a sigil on card stock (use a small amount, perhaps on a cotton swab) and place it in your office space or on your altar.

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