PALO SANTO Sacred Self Meditation Balm with Tourmalate Quartz

PALO SANTO Sacred Self Meditation Balm with Tourmalate Quartz


Meditation can be influenced by all our senses. Sometimes scent may help us stay quiet in our mind, and sometimes it might make meditation harder. My intention with Sacred Self balms is to help you release distraction and find it easier to settle into that meditative space. Each balm has a base of beeswax, coconut oil, and jojoba oil. I then blend the essential oils into it and pour over a crystal chip in the slide tin. The crystal can boost and aid the intention created by the oils. I’ve packaged them in durable little slide tins so they are easy to use and take along. We are all sacred beings, and deserve to be treated as such.

Palo Santo means Holy Wood in Spanish, and is a sacred tree which grows on the coasts in South America. The wood is to be harvested only from those branches or trees which have rested on the forest floor for many years. When using sticks of the wood for incense, it is believed that it will bless the space and creatures within it. It is a bit difficult to explain what Palo Santo smells like, but most folks find it pleasing. The essential oil is very similar to the scent of the burning wood. I am careful to purchase my Palo Santo essential oil from reputable sellers who are sure it is harvested in a sustainable manner.

The crystal I have added to this balm is Tourmalated Quartz. This is clear quartz which has threads of black tourmaline within it. Quartz is a wonderfully healing and energy amplifying crystal. Black Tourmaline is believed to be grounding and energetically protective.

This balm would be amazing to use at pulse points for seated meditation, or yoga practice. If you find you need to release negative energy or want to change your mood to a more positive one, try using Palo Santo. I’m also guided to suggest it may help you to have more restful sleep and gentle dreams.

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