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Energy Clearing for Kids - Part 1 * Stones

Energy Clearing for Kids - Part 1 * Stones

If you’re a caretaker of a child, you’ve probably experienced one of these events:

  • Child needs time alone after being at school or a busy event

  • Child behaves like the other kids they’ve been around, even if it’s not their usual behavior

  • Tantrum occurs out of nowhere and the child seems as surprised as you are

  • Child has a bad dream that seems related to current events or stress around them

  • You are in a bad mood or there was an argument before the child arrived and they seem to pick up the “bad vibe”

What you may find is that your child is an HSP (highly sensitive person) or an Empath. In simple terms that means they are sensitive to the energy, moods, and emotions around them and may feel the emotions and feelings of other people. An example might be that your happy, well behaved child is suddenly upset or angry after a trip to the grocery store where you were checking out near someone who was complaining or appeared agitated. Essentially your child may absorb that emotion from the other person, without knowing it or understanding it. They feel angry, but might not be able to communicate why.

You can help your child (and yourself) to clear their energy and reset their emotions. Here is part 1 of how to help them clear the energy they pick up or absorb through the day. Regardless of the energy clearing method you use, it’s also a great time to ask them if they think this emotion is theirs or someone else’s. This is a first step in learning how to protect their energy.


My favorite thing to use with kids are stones! A quick and easy method is with a piece of Selenite, as if it were a bar of soap. Selenite is a soft, white to peach colored stone which can be found online and in most any gem, or metaphysical shop. Some are even soap shaped! Have your child start above their head and imagine they are scrubbing their aura (energy around their physical body) with the Selenite. Scrub in circles or back and forth, just off their physical body. When they are done they can give a good shake and see if they are feeling back to their usual selves. As Selenite is also often sold in wands, you can use the wand to work from top to bottom in a sweeping motion (think like you’re swooping up cotton candy!) as if you’re moving the sticky energy down, down, down, and back to the Earth to be grounded. What child won’t want to twirl around with a magic, energy clearing wand?!  Selenite shouldn’t get wet, so a good way to cleanse it is in the full moon light, in a windowsill. Some people will also say it doesn’t need cleansing, but I like to recharge mine.


Another great stone for them is Howlite! Howlite is white with grey veining and it’s super calming and is known to absorb anger. You can have them carry a piece in their pocket or have them tell their troubles to the Howlite before bed and place the stone in their window to return their worries to the Earth. Howlite can come in many forms, including animal shapes! This is my go to stone for tweens and teens. They pick up so much sketchy energy and need a safe place to release it. This stone definitely needs a frequent recharge! If it’s not near the full moon, using sound can also recharge it, singing bowls or recorded sounds of chimes or a gong work well in a pinch! This stone pairs well with Lepidolite, for those who also struggle with anxiety, but remember Lepidolite is soft and should be carried with care. 

A few examples of Howlite

A few examples of Howlite

Black Tourmaline and Smoky Quartz

If you find your child has trouble sleeping because of their busy life or stresses, putting Black Tourmaline under their mattress or next to their bed can help. It’s a wonderful energetic protection stone. Smoky Quartz is also great for this, as it transmutes negative to positive energy. If you live in an apartment building or busy neighborhood, these are wonderful stones to use in the corners of bedrooms or of the house.


Labradorite is a fantastic stone for kids because the colors it comes in are many and they are beautiful to look at. It’s also a protective stone and depending on the color can help with communication (blues) or encourage them to stand up for themselves (yellow and orange). Labradorite tends to come in tumbled/polished forms or as a piece that is partially rough with one side polished. Either of these works, it just depends on if they want to carry it or look at it from their nightstand. For myself, Labradorite works best if it’s within my energetic space (like on my desk or nightstand), or in a pocket or in my hand. Looking at them and gazing into the colors is relaxing as well. A great mindfulness practice before bed is to see what colors you can find as you turn it in the light.

You can see some of the variations of flash color in the Labradorite.

You can see some of the variations of flash color in the Labradorite.

Choosing Stones

If you have the chance to bring your child to a shop with various types of stones, they may intuitively choose the ones they need, without even knowing it. It’s neat to see what calls to them, and then check the meaning and use of the stone in a good book or website.

Once they have chosen a stone (or a few), have them sit with each stone. Ask them how the stone makes them feel if they hold it for a bit, and then if they set it down, further away from them. Ask them where they would like the stone to help them? Carried in a pocket (you might want to have a spare if they are likely to lose one, many don’t like trips through the washer either) or on their side table? Does it want to go under their pillow or mattress? Try it for a week and see if they or you notice a difference. Does one stone work best? Do they work as a team with another stone? There are so many stones and I couldn’t possibly list them all here. These are a few of those I find to be helpful if I’m not feeling grounded or that I’ve absorbed energy from others.

Other ways to use stones are as jewelry like a necklace or bracelet, in a stuffed animal, setup as a grid (really wonderful for older kids), and in meditation as part of a Mala. As always, make sure the child isn’t likely to put the stones in their mouths. In those instances, it may be best to use larger carved figures or tuck small tumbles in a pouch they can carry or tuck under their bedding.

How to Recharge the Stones

Almost all stones will absorb energy and can feel dull or stagnant over time. My favorite way to recharge them is in the light of full moon. Simply set the stone in a safe window sill (beware of cats who like to knock them around) on or around the night of the full moon. If you have Selenite, you can also place the other stones near or on the Selenite to clear them.

Do your kids like stones? Which ones are they most drawn to? How did this work for them? I love to hear others’ experiences! If you’d like help picking stones for yourself or your child, drop me an email!

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