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From the Heart,
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How do you receive information? 

How do you receive information? 

“How do you receive information?” Someone asked me this in a mediumship practice circle recently. I tried to explain it, but I’m not always sure. Sometimes I can connect to people who are deceased and how the information comes to me can be all over the place. If I am really in the flow, I’m not necessarily paying attention to the where or how of it. *In the context of this post, Mediumship is connecting to those who have passed or the universal consciousness. 

I found myself at a Mediumship practice circle over a year ago and wasn’t completely sure why I’d gone. I’d had psychic connections of one sort or another my whole life. You know, weird dreams, premonitions, etc. I’d never tried talking to dead people, but here I was. And it turned out, I could. Somehow they came to me and whispered or relayed information to me that I could pass to the person sitting across from me.

One of the things that has amazed me is being able to physically FEEL how someone has passed on from this physical life. A young girl who was strangled? I find myself rubbing my neck with my hand. I’ve had similar sensations when the person took their own life by hanging. I’ve felt sensations in my head if they died from a stroke. It’s hard to ask the sitter sometimes for validation, as you don’t want to be too graphic or bring up a difficult situation. You try to be cautious, asking things like “were they a part of their own passing?”

The messages I receive for the living have always been heartfelt. The girl who had been strangled, she wanted her childhood friend to know it wouldn’t have mattered if she had gone to her house after school. To let her parents know that, yes it was scary when it happened, but she was ok now and they shouldn’t blame themselves. An aunt who had taken her own life wanted her niece to know she was sorry and hoped she hadn’t disappointed her. A father who might have been a bit stoic in this life, wanted his adult son to know how proud he was of him.

Something I really enjoy, when the connection is clear and the link is strong, is feeling the person’s personality. Were they stoic? Did they have a sense of humor? Being able to relay that to the loved one is like an emotional high. I had to ask someone if their relative looked or acted like Grandpa Munster once. That was both funny and a complete leap of faith! Turns out that he did. PHEW! That’s when it’s the best. When I completely give myself over to the connection and trust spirit. What can come through can be so amazing and beautiful.

So how do I receive the information? Sometimes I just know something. I can feel things, like I mentioned earlier. I don’t have the kind of clairvoyance where dead folks are as visible in the physical space to me as my own living friends and family. However, I do sometimes “see” things in my mind’s projector, as I like to call it. If I am remembering something, it shows up in one part of my brain. These spirit images are different, and the only way I can explain it is that it’s sort of projected to the right side. I don’t usually hear external sounds via spirit, but I can “hear” things in a similarly way as hearing a song you think of, or remembering a conversation you had earlier. When I get started linking with a spirit, I’m trying to find out if they are male or female and what sort of relationship they are to the person seated in front of me. I think all my playing on Ancestry dot com plays out here in my vocabulary. To the left or right, higher or to the side…works for me like a family tree. A brother would “feel” to the side, an uncle up a bit above, and a grandfather is above.

I do what I call Card Flip Friday on my FB page and Instagram feed every week. It started out as a way to practice my psychic card reading. However, it recently became clear to me that it’s more like channeling Universal messages. When I sit with the stones and the cards, I start writing and what comes to me gets written down. Often I’m thinking at the time “geez that was kinda meh.” Then I get great feedback from the followers and think ok, it was better than I thought. Or I look back later and think “I don’t even remember writing that!” I do believe these messages are coming from a higher place and are messages that need to be heard by those who find them.

All of this is a gift I am working to strengthen and grow all the time. I’ve attended workshops with Tony Stockwell and Lauren Rainbow, practice circles with Lauren Rainbow and Danielle Dionne, and read a great book by Janet Nohavec. I look for images in the clouds, meditate daily, and work with tarot & oracle decks.

If you’re interested in a session, message or email me and I’ll see what we can sort out. 

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