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From the Heart,
for the Body & Soul

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Rituals over Resolutions

Rituals over Resolutions

I've never been one for resolutions. They never seem to make it to February and are hard to stick to long term for me. This year however I thought about the things I want to bring into my life and the word that stood out for me was RITUAL. Not just a habit, like drinking coffee every morning, but creating meaningful, sacred even, practices in my daily life. Here are some of the things I've added to my day over the last few weeks.

My morning hopes to start with getting up before the rest of the house. I start by letting the dogs out in rotation. I'm also using a tongue scraper first thing. It's based on an Ayurvedic practice and I'm liking the results. It might be a bit TMI, but if you're interested there's lots of information on the interwebs. For me, it's a way to release junk from my life physically and mentally. I'm following that up with a glass of water (nothing so unusual here), but I'm also blessing that water as it comes out of the tap and into my glass water bottle. "Bless this water that it may cleanse my body, quench my thirst, and allow me to release that which no longer serves me. Thank you Gaia for this water." This is the first conscious ritual I added to my day, back before January. Recently I have also imagined the water to be cleansing, white light as I drink it. This ritual brings gratitude to the start of my day as well as thinking again about releasing that which no longer serves me, while letting in more goodness and light.

The next few things may happen right off or a bit later, depending on the kids getting up and the schedule of the day. I have been looking for a way to better connect to the Tarot on a personal level and nothing had really clicked for me. Then I saw Mat Auryn's post about developing intuition through daily tarot. BINGO. It all made sense and it called me in with the opportunity for more meditation! Almost every morning since, I've sat with my Wild Unknown Tarot deck, asked it "What do I need to know today", shuffled, and pulled a card. Then I use the Insight Timer app to meditate on the card for 5 minutes. I like the water sounds in the background. I might make notes from the deck guide book if it's a card I haven't seen much or just see what comes to me. I make a positive affirmation from my notes and add that to my bullet journal for the day as well. I think the best part for me has been watching for synchronicities through out the day based on the card pull. For instance, on January 11 (which makes it a 11111 day) I pulled the XI card! HAH! I also saw a friend post about the 11111 day and what it means with numerology as a gateway. The ritual with the tarot deck covers a few things. I'm learning more about the cards, connecting to my own intuition with them, and finding a positive affirmation for them. It keeps me thinking over the course of the day how my life relates to the card. Reflecting back at the end of the day also forces me to take a positive outlook.

I have also added bullet journaling to my life this year and I love it. It's just enough organization and flexibility for my scattered Gemini-chart-full-of-air brain. Again, there's a TON out there on bullet journals so I'm not going to go into a lot of detail here. I think my favorite and most useful things have been the daily posts, the future log, and monthly goals. 

As you probably know if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, I love essential oils and stones. I have been focusing on green stones for the Winter season as they just called to me. I'll probably write a journal post on that soon. Keeping a stone with me during the day either in a pocket, tucked in my bra, or as jewelry has been a subtle ritual. As for oils, I've been using my diffuser daily. My favorites are my Ritual blend for meditation and Sunshine for the day to keep the winter blues away.

Meditation is a ritual I've held for a few years now. It ebbs and flows, and when it ebbs I get out of sync with the universe. I'm bringing my mala practice back into regularity. I also recently ordered the Crystal Muse book from Energy Muse. It's ALL rituals! YAY! Last night I set up the money magnet grid and started a 40 day ritual with that. I can't wait to see how things evolve. Crystals, abundance, and mala meditation? YES PLEASE!

Other practices I want to get back to include getting back on my yoga mat, and regularly walking in the woods near my house.

I would love to hear what sort of rituals you take part in and have incorporated into your life.

*I don't get kick backs on any of these things I've linked to, I just like to Share the Sunshine.

How I use mala beads to meditate

How I use mala beads to meditate