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Beard Oil

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An amazing, gentle oil, for conditioning that hard worked for beard, and the skin around it. Available in 2 great sizes - 0.4 oz with a down-to-the-drop eye dropper, OR 2 oz flip top style.  Perfect for anyone from Hipster to Hunter. These are lightly scented so you won't find yourself in a cloud of scent.

Ingredients: Sweet Almond oil or Fractionated Coconut Oil, Jojoba seed oil, Sea Buckthorn Extract, and essential oil.

Bergamot is a bright citrus, clean and fresh.
Apply a small amount to your hand and work into your clean beard and face.

Clove & Lime is a deep, warm blend. This uses Fractionated Coconut oil, a light oil, great for all skin types.

Neroli comes from the blossom of the bitter orange tree. It's an earthy floral, thought to be beneficial to skin. Neroli is also quite calming and thought to be a reliever of stress and anxiety.

Sandalwood is a woodsy scent with only essential oil, no fragrances. This is a sustainable, ecologically responsible Australian Sandalwood, very similar to the endangered Indian Sandalwood.

To use: apply a few drops to clean, towel dried or dry beard and work into the hair and skin. May also be used as a facial moisturizer.


"I love my sandalwood beard oil its not greasy at all I love the woodsy smell and how it moisturizes my skin great price its lasted the last 4 months and will not buy oil from anywhere other then the sunshine fairy. one satisfied customer here" -Philip (Via Facebook reviews)

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