Custom Malas

If you're interested in having me create a handmade, hand knotted, custom mala just for you and your intention, please read on!

One of my favorite things to do is work with people to create a sacred meditation piece. Meditation can literally change your brain, for the better! I love using my intuition to choose stones that are just right for where someone is now, and where they want to move toward. Let me work with you to help you reach that next level.

Malas are traditionally 108 beads, with a focus bead called the guru bead. They can also be smaller, like 54 beads or 27 beads (wonderful if you want to wear it or carry it in your pocket), and can have marker beads at intervals like every 9th bead, or at the middle point. There is a belief that practicing with your mala for 40 days in a row will infuse your intention into the mala. You can then carry it or keep it near you and let that intention resonate.

Typically I use 6mm or 8mm beads when creating the malas, but I have also use different shapes or sizes for truly unique results. They are hand knotted on silk cording.

There are many traditional mantras - the sacred words you repeat with each bead. It can be a simple Ohm, or a longer mantra with specific intention associated. Some people use their mala for repeating positive affirmations such as "I am safe" or "I am loved".

Once you contact me via the form below, we can discuss the length of the mala and your price point. I do ask for 50% of the price before I start, with the final and shipping costs due at completion. I ship malas via Priority mail in the US and can discuss International shipping options as well.



Please complete the form below to let me know what colors you are drawn to, what your intention or mantra will be, and anything else that will help me intuitively design the mala that's just right for you.

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