Curated Gifts

Over the years I have been contacted often with requests for ideas to help out friends and loved ones in the way of a gift of The Sunshine Fairy. Sometimes it has been to suggest items which would be appropriate for someone navigating through chemotherapy, or new motherhood, in other instances it has been for students embarking on new spiritual journeys.

Now I'm adding this service as an official offering of The Sunshine Fairy!

If you would like a special gift aided by energetic intuition, this is the perfect place! It could be a gift for yourself, a loved one, or friend. It might be to support them at a tough time, cheer them on, or celebrate your accomplishments.

Let me know below the intention for the gift, a bit about the person, and what your price range is. I'll email you back as soon as I can and we'll go from there. As these are individual and unique, I'll invoice via PayPal once we've settled on the price. Curated gifts typically start at $50.


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