Lip Balm - with Jojoba Oil

Lip Balm - with Jojoba Oil

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This amazing lip balm will leave your lips feeling soft and smooth, not sticky or dry. All flavors are made with essential oils. *denotes those sweetened with Stevia.

Each stick is 0.15 oz in an oval twist up tube, perfect for night stands or desks as it doesn't roll off onto the floor.

Ingredients include: Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Beeswax, Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter, and blends of essential oils.

Bergamot is a bright, yet earthy citrus. This is the flavor in Earl Grey tea! A new study has shown Bergamot essential oil to have some amazing scientific properties like being antibacterial, mood boosting, as well as helping with anxiety. This is a feel good lip balm for sure!
Be Still is a wonderful meditative blend of Frankincense and Clary Sage. It would be fitting to use when you feel stressed out, need to settle down at bedtime, or want to quiet your mind for meditation or yoga.
*Chai is a blend of 7 essential oils and natural Vanilla flavor for a hint of sweetness, reminiscent of the spicy chai latte so many people love. The label says Flavor, but it contains essential oils of allspice, black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, clove, ginger, and nutmeg.
*Coffee is a special mix using coffee butter, natural vanilla flavor, and a hint of stevia.
Geranium & Lemongrass is a little floral with a bright lemongrass note. Geranium is thought to help reduce stress and improve mood.
Ginger Lime is reminiscent of ginger ale!
Grapefruit & Ginger is made with the sweeter Pink Grapefruit and spicy Ginger essential oils.
Happy is a refreshing blend of Blood Orange and Geranium, and my signature blend.
Lavender & Bergamot is one of the top sellers and super popular with kids and adults. Lavender is calming and soothing, so this is great for bedtime or when you're feeling stressed out. Bergamot is one of the most widely-researched oils for positive effects on mood.
*Lime & Spearmint is sweet and bright, with a bit of mint. Another top favorite for kids and adults!
*Pink Lemonade is a blend of sweet Lemon and crisp Pink Grapefruit. This is my best seller - year round.
*Sunshine is a blend of lemon, blood orange, and bergamot. Sure to help clear out the grey skies, even in the middle of winter.
*Sweet Peppermint - is bright peppermint with a hint of stevia - just like a Candy Cane. This is the perfect stocking stuffer, and a top pick.
*Vanillamint is a sweet blend of natural Vanilla and a zing of Peppermint.

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