Creamy Salt Scrub

Creamy Salt Scrub


I love this salt scrub! I used to say it was great for feet, but honestly...I use this all over. I use a finer grain salt and it's really quite gentle, in fact I use it in place of shave cream on my legs for shaving. **It can make you slippery or your shower slippery, so please be careful!**

Bergamot is the flavor found in Earl Grey tea, similar to lime. It's a wonderful bright note!

Ginger is commonly used to settled stomachs. The ginger salt scrub is great to help ease nausea from things like morning sickness or chemotherapy. The scent is fresh.

Grapefruit & Orange: A bright refreshing combination, made with fine salt. Available in 4 & 8 oz sizes.

Lemongrass: is an herbal-y lemon scent that lasts on the skin.

Orange & Pink Grapefruit: is bright and a little bit sweet. It's using a mix with pink Himalayan salt! 8 oz only

Peppermint: A bright fresh scent, wonderful for your feet!

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