Malas are an ancient tool to count mantras (some use affirmations) while meditating. I started meditating in early 2015 and decided to make my own mala. The experience was so enjoyable I offered to make some for friends. Now I'm offering them to the world. There will be unique malas here for sale which I've been inspired to create, but I'm also really excited to work with people to create custom malas just for them. Send me an email if you'd like to discuss a custom mala to help you focus your intention.

There are many great sites which describe how to use a mala, such as this one (meditation doesn't have to be connected with yoga to be helpful). Traditionally a mala has 108 beads which are counted between the thumb & middle finger of the right hand. Say a mantra, move to the next bead. When you reach a marker bead or the guru bead at the end of the 108 you can stop or turn and work your way back, doing another round. Mantras can be spoken out loud or in the quiet of one's mind. It is said that if you use a mala every day for 40 days that the beads are then infused with your intention. Some people choose to carry or wear their mala as a reminder of that intention. My malas are hand knotted on double strands of silk, so do use care if you're wearing them that they aren't getting wet or stretched.

These are simply suggestions, and how you use your mala is a personal choice.

To check out the malas I have currently available check out the page Shop Malas. Take your time, see which set calls to you. Click on them, read more about the stones and some of their qualities, see if that makes sense to you. Remember we can always discuss a custom mala if certain stones resonate with you, or you are looking for stones for a specific intention. You can see more examples in the Gallery as well.

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